Wednesday, 25 June 2014

black ops 2

In the weekend I was playing black ops 2 with my friend. The level was called origins there was 4 of us playing on line. After that the level got harder and harder the level I survived at it was a high round the round was 11.

And then we saw the random box that was full of guns but we couldn't get it because we did'ent turn on the power.after I saw a big robot coming to Wolds me it was trying to stand on me I look at the botem of the feet and I saw a light and I started to shooting at it and then I saw a hole in the foot and the robot stepped on me I got in side the robot.

the robot said a count down I had to choose a side to go in and I picked the one on the left.And the robot lurched me in the air and I hit the ground hard and died.THE END

Monday, 23 June 2014

Super hero

It began on a very bad party when all a sudden bad boyz came to it and one of the bad boyz kidnapped a girl. After a minute later captain underpants got a message so it was time for Rescue but mr underpants couldn’t catch the
kidnapper because he was on a skyline plus if captain underpants got near them the girl will die.So captain underpants  the kidnappers it was a holegram that was chaseing them so the all looked at the back when the looked at the back of them captinunderpantes Quikly got in the front fo the bad guys and lefted up the car and got the girl and killed the kidnappers.
It was a bad day on a night the hulk was coming to the city and everybody was scared that they might die so the Hulk arrived and he did not know he killed his mother and the and the husband got back and looked every where for his wife but rex the husband saw her on the floor with blood on her head and the wife’s name was tracy so she was gone and rex knew that his son jason did it so he got banned by use no more superpower so he got grounded for 3 years.        

Then this man came people and didn't know that he was a hero. so he flyed and he did not know that too.

so he knew he was a hero he did not know was he was going to call him he said wat about “fire man or super man so he choose super man

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

boat racing

boat racing.

1. How does Tim feel when Jason shouts at him?  How do you know?he is going to win

2. What resources did Tim have at school to make his boat?racing his boat

3. Why did he use a plastic milk bottle? so hes won can go fast

The bad boy that Robed the bank

The bad boy that Robed the bank
One dark day there was two boys who rob the bank they were bad the two boys there name was john and night became wanted boys.Then sateki came in his skyline  “sateki said come on yo” then the police came and sateki droved off with the bad boys in his skyline car. the police car was following sateki then suddenly the car tumbled over they tried to run but the police tasered the bad boys.sateki got away he took all the money he ran happy but then this big muscle man punched him and then he had the he spend it on food and a car and a house.then the bad boys were in jail. then they broke out of jail then they said see you be wanted boys the end.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My titanic who's fault

If i was there  on the titanic at the atlantic ocean where there is heaps of icebergs and i saw what was going to happen i would tell captain smith to wake up.
Because he would be sleeping while two men outside. Are looking for icebergs but then one of
the men could see  an iceberg and ms titanic was going so
fast  it even had 6100 horse power then i would be on the deck checking if the men called out to me for help

 and tell  captain smith to shut down the eng2ine. So it could slow down instead of turning  the boat and  be  Able to get a enormous hole  on the side  of Mr]s titanic.
And sink in the sea  but i think shutting it down. And the tip.
of the titanic hit the iceberg. And rebound from the iceberg or till the crew slow down the
titanic if there is a iceberg in the front of us and the nip the iceberg  instead of crashing into the iceberg.

It was a cold night with everyone on the titanic. A crew of passengers were so drunk and did bad things after a couple hours later we all heard a noise of  we were all scared about the ship sinking there were not many life boat to go on. The captain sateki was so worried that many families will die because of me “ oh no It was all my fault. some people was afraid to go on the lifeboat because they might die but if they stay on the titanic they will also die as well. So some gentlemen was carrying ladies & kids on life the boats.