Friday, 18 October 2013

Riverside Camp

At Riverside camp it was fun because we were playing on the quad bikes and on the go carts I went really fast. After that we went to go and have something to eat. We had coke for a drink and chips, it was nice.

After when we finished, we went to the beach for a swim. I swam with my group, we were bombing of the wharf. The biggests bomb was Wata and me.    

Then we went back to willow park to have a shower a then we had free time. After free time we had dinner and then we went to bed in my cabin. We stayed up late.

I really enjoyed quad bikes and go car and the food at Riverside camp. Next time I hope I go back again.


  1. Hi Night I didn't go camp but I did have a awe some day at home I slept over my brother.
    From Izac

  2. Hi night I like your story keep up the good work and I never being there be for

  3. I liked riverside camp to it was so fun in the holidays as the same time I was having fun with all of use!!!!!!


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