Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to be a good friend

WALT: write an explanation telling people how they 
can be safe in the sun.

What’s a good friend a good friend is sticking up for one another and helping your friend with some work if you a finish yours.If your friend is in a fight you help him out like to sort it out.If you friend is upset then ask him what’s wrong and don’t tell on your friend for no reason.Never ever put your friend down and don’t charge your friend don’t make them feel sad.Support your friend care for them and some day you colud get a really good job   

If your friend is sad see if he is all right and just wait with him in tell he feels better when your friend is well an stop’s crying then you can go and play kick’s with your friend on the field.If someone has no one to play with just ask if he or she want’s to play with you

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

This is about finding Pounamu

Finding Pounamu
Who woke up the boy in the story? His cousin Hemi woke him up from his sleep.

Why does Hemi think today will be a good day to look for Greenstone? Because it was
storm last night and it washed all the greenstone

Insert a google map of Greymouth.

How long does Nan say it might take to find Pounamu? It might take hours

What did the characters eat at lunchtime?They ate their egg sandwiches

Why did Nan start to think about heading home?

Where did the boy find his small piece of Pounamu?In between too big rock’s

Why did the Uncle drill a hole in the piece of Greenstone?She drilled a hole so that she can wear it around her neck

Friday, 17 October 2014

Art as background

Show what people might be doing in the 1800's in front of this painting

A upper case letter

Capitals - what are they and when do you use them in writing?

WALT: Write an explanation telling people what capital letters are and when you use them in writing.

Introduction: The uppercase is the letter and only goes to the tip of the line and down.

Topic paragraph:Tell them what A capital is and when you use It.Like say If I use my friend’s name Tevita I got a capital for his name. Always use a capital for people’s name like Sataki my friend  And for I by Itself

Always use a capital for a place that you go to Australia or Hawaii.
for I by Itself Always use a capital for a Country or place that you are going to if it’s like KFC,Mc donalds,.

Always use a capital for I. like if I playing Rugby or I like playing tag.Or I’v I’ll.

Use a capital for A Country or Place. Here is an example Auckland


Use a capital letter at the start of the sentence's. Or use it for  a person’s name.Or for a Country like Australia,New Zealand,.Or a place like KFC,.