Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to be a good friend

WALT: write an explanation telling people how they 
can be safe in the sun.

What’s a good friend a good friend is sticking up for one another and helping your friend with some work if you a finish yours.If your friend is in a fight you help him out like to sort it out.If you friend is upset then ask him what’s wrong and don’t tell on your friend for no reason.Never ever put your friend down and don’t charge your friend don’t make them feel sad.Support your friend care for them and some day you colud get a really good job   

If your friend is sad see if he is all right and just wait with him in tell he feels better when your friend is well an stop’s crying then you can go and play kick’s with your friend on the field.If someone has no one to play with just ask if he or she want’s to play with you

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