Tuesday, 21 October 2014

This is about finding Pounamu

Finding Pounamu
Who woke up the boy in the story? His cousin Hemi woke him up from his sleep.

Why does Hemi think today will be a good day to look for Greenstone? Because it was
storm last night and it washed all the greenstone

Insert a google map of Greymouth.

How long does Nan say it might take to find Pounamu? It might take hours

What did the characters eat at lunchtime?They ate their egg sandwiches

Why did Nan start to think about heading home?

Where did the boy find his small piece of Pounamu?In between too big rock’s

Why did the Uncle drill a hole in the piece of Greenstone?She drilled a hole so that she can wear it around her neck


  1. This was a very good blog post. I really liked how you asked the question and answer it for me. Although you didn't answer a couple of the question I realy understood where you were coming from.

  2. Wow, was this a story? I have read a story with a similar title but it was called Pounamu Pounamu. Good work


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