Thursday, 29 May 2014


Researching the Titanic

Question 1 information:
the titanic weighted 46,000

Question 2 information:

the height of the titanic 175 feet.

Question 3 information:
crew 3,500

Question 4 information:

20 boilers & 162

Question 5 information:
top speed 24 knots

Question 6 information:
it took 3,000 people to make the titanic

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

On the titanic

As the sun slowly came down  it was so dark it look like it was pitch black. When I was on the titanic.I was so cold I couldn't stand up and sleep it felt like I  was cold  blooded. I was freezing  because the titanic was at the Atlantic ocean . The titanic was going as fast as it could.It even had
6100 horse power.Then suddenly it was heading towards an iceberg.
Then captain smith woke up he turn off the engine for the titanic. It was slowing down.But
it had a hole on the side then the water went inside.From the iceberg

Then he zoomed to grab a firework and shot it like a gun in the air for help.
But no one did then captain smith said to his crew. To get  the females and the children
and the baby's on to  the lifeboats but some of them did not make it on the boats
the males had to stay and help them before they die.
Then the boat snap in half and went in the sea

then the titanic  was going fast like a rocket blaster then
suddenly it slammed in the sea it almost made a tsunami it stayed there for 100 years.But
the males sacrificed their shelf  for their wives.
It stayed their years and years. Then the submersibles came down to the titanic in the sea.
Then they look for some things. Then it was the end of the titanic
the end.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

scary story

Title: scary

On a monday there was a storm going to hit us. With black “clouds’’  and lightning.
Suddenly lightning struck and hitted a haunted house. Me and my friends went to check it out. All that we saw was a  creepy hallway.  We went in
Inside  we saw a cup on a table full with “horror.’’  Boom slammed the  door. Of the room one of my friend Night was  terrified. to death  but then wind was howling it was a  terrible Night.   

Then we saw a shadow it was enormous it was frightening? “slam’’ i  turned around
suddenly Night was gone “nooooooooooo’’  i was nervous scared and cold
i wanted to go to my mum at home but all of the doors slammed i trie\ the windows but it
was jammed there was bugs getting on me  it was grouse and smelly. Then we saw a witch leading us to her trap. Then my friend sateki came with his boxing hand and bit him.
Up but nek minute it was a fake ha ha ha hah shame on your face said Mr S.             TO BE CONTINUED

Friday, 9 May 2014

My holiday high light

In the holiday’s i was playing at the park with my friend’s.We were playing tag no one wanted to be in so i said i’ll be in. so i was running to my friend but they were two of them so i didn't know what one to get.So i got the one on the left he was fast at running so i gave up to get the other one.

after that we went to my house to play on my xbox 360 i had lots of games the games were black ops 2, gta5, call of duty ghost, mw2, mw3 and that was it it was fun playing the games we did all the games because they were all brand new.we played for an hour and a half and then we go kicked out side.

when we got kicked out side and i showed my friend’s my hurt that i made in the back was so fun it was up in the tree’s my friend’s were scerd i was a little bit and then i got use to it.

Night fraction

immersion Assembly

 immersion Assembly

At assembly there were heaps of balloon in the hall it was so colourful inside Mrs Bert looked like a clown which he was a clown. then it was term 1 they were jet planes they were flying around and around my favourite tem was tem 5 and 4 Mr s was so funny he made me giggled liked the quiz for a chocolate fish but i didn't get one.but it was all right an lest I got a rugby ball.

after assembly we went out side to do our run out side.It was for our fitness and the we all went back to class and did our work.Me and my friend Maurice where working together.and then we had to go reading saport when we got back we saw people watching the new’s.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

My cabin on a Titanic

This is my cabin for the titanic it is the most evanescence room it cost 600.