Friday, 12 December 2014

Good bye 2014

What i like about 2014 is I spend a lot of time with my friend. What I don't like about 2014 is how people leave school it sad makes me cry. I like maths reading Mr S helped me to read now i am smart.My favorite sport is rugby, tag,.My favorite rugby player is Manu vatuvei and Shaun Johnson        Good bye 2014

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Camp Bentzon Recount
Paragraph Criteria Reflection
Paragraph Number
I have a complete paragraph of at least 3-4 sentences.
I have a mix of simple and complex sentences.
I have 100% correct punctuation.
Mr Goodwin he’s was really awesome

Camp bentzon

                             y6’s camp

Tuesday morning we set off to a camp on Kawau Island. It took about 1 hour to get to the ferry. When we were close to the ferry we started to sing. When we got there we where playing on the park.Then we loaded up the ferry and then we were on our way.It took us 28 minutes to get there

When we got to camp bentson we unloaded the ferry.When we unloaded the ferry we had free time to play around.The day after that we did our activity. My first activity was confidence course. I was really looking forward to salling and abseiling because it looked fun.

Finally it was time to do salling it was pretty cool but sadly it wasn't that much wind.It was Me, Mr Goodwin, Miss berry, Shanon,
and Bentzon B. I almost capsized i had to go back to get out all the water when i went back a man called peter said “Wow it looks like a sonamy”in here so I had to take out the water.

My favorite highlight was abseiling.Because that was the high’s thing I ever been on. I would really like to do it again but some people were scared.

Then on thursday it was finally concert night Yay First it went Kats then kuwa then machen then finally the best for last it was Bentzon

Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to be a good friend

WALT: write an explanation telling people how they 
can be safe in the sun.

What’s a good friend a good friend is sticking up for one another and helping your friend with some work if you a finish yours.If your friend is in a fight you help him out like to sort it out.If you friend is upset then ask him what’s wrong and don’t tell on your friend for no reason.Never ever put your friend down and don’t charge your friend don’t make them feel sad.Support your friend care for them and some day you colud get a really good job   

If your friend is sad see if he is all right and just wait with him in tell he feels better when your friend is well an stop’s crying then you can go and play kick’s with your friend on the field.If someone has no one to play with just ask if he or she want’s to play with you

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

This is about finding Pounamu

Finding Pounamu
Who woke up the boy in the story? His cousin Hemi woke him up from his sleep.

Why does Hemi think today will be a good day to look for Greenstone? Because it was
storm last night and it washed all the greenstone

Insert a google map of Greymouth.

How long does Nan say it might take to find Pounamu? It might take hours

What did the characters eat at lunchtime?They ate their egg sandwiches

Why did Nan start to think about heading home?

Where did the boy find his small piece of Pounamu?In between too big rock’s

Why did the Uncle drill a hole in the piece of Greenstone?She drilled a hole so that she can wear it around her neck

Friday, 17 October 2014

Art as background

Show what people might be doing in the 1800's in front of this painting

A upper case letter

Capitals - what are they and when do you use them in writing?

WALT: Write an explanation telling people what capital letters are and when you use them in writing.

Introduction: The uppercase is the letter and only goes to the tip of the line and down.

Topic paragraph:Tell them what A capital is and when you use It.Like say If I use my friend’s name Tevita I got a capital for his name. Always use a capital for people’s name like Sataki my friend  And for I by Itself

Always use a capital for a place that you go to Australia or Hawaii.
for I by Itself Always use a capital for a Country or place that you are going to if it’s like KFC,Mc donalds,.

Always use a capital for I. like if I playing Rugby or I like playing tag.Or I’v I’ll.

Use a capital for A Country or Place. Here is an example Auckland


Use a capital letter at the start of the sentence's. Or use it for  a person’s name.Or for a Country like Australia,New Zealand,.Or a place like KFC,.

Monday, 15 September 2014

New's paper article

                                 The under 50kg Pt england vsing St mary’s

Lead, Last wednesday Pt England beat St Mary’s by 65 nil.
The score was 65 to 0,the star player’s were Sataki, Olfa, Timana
The boy’s in our team that was getting try’s was night, louis, alfa, sateki, and

At first it was a game Pt England School versing St Mary’s Pt England won 65 nil. It Was half time everyone was eating the oranges fast because they hungry.

The first person that got the try out of there team  was Oloti ,second was Sataki ,third was Night. It was hard vsing them but then it got better.

Pt England felt happy. The coach Hamish  wasn’t happy he felt sad for St Mary’s because they lost against Pt England. When they got back on the bus we were hungry like pig’s.

Pt England’s next game will be this week wednesday it will be played at Auckland Marist rugby club. It will be a tournament.

WALT: use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

black ops 2

In the weekend I was playing black ops 2 with my friend. The level was called origins there was 4 of us playing on line. After that the level got harder and harder the level I survived at it was a high round the round was 11.

And then we saw the random box that was full of guns but we couldn't get it because we did'ent turn on the power.after I saw a big robot coming to Wolds me it was trying to stand on me I look at the botem of the feet and I saw a light and I started to shooting at it and then I saw a hole in the foot and the robot stepped on me I got in side the robot.

the robot said a count down I had to choose a side to go in and I picked the one on the left.And the robot lurched me in the air and I hit the ground hard and died.THE END

Monday, 23 June 2014

Super hero

It began on a very bad party when all a sudden bad boyz came to it and one of the bad boyz kidnapped a girl. After a minute later captain underpants got a message so it was time for Rescue but mr underpants couldn’t catch the
kidnapper because he was on a skyline plus if captain underpants got near them the girl will die.So captain underpants  the kidnappers it was a holegram that was chaseing them so the all looked at the back when the looked at the back of them captinunderpantes Quikly got in the front fo the bad guys and lefted up the car and got the girl and killed the kidnappers.
It was a bad day on a night the hulk was coming to the city and everybody was scared that they might die so the Hulk arrived and he did not know he killed his mother and the and the husband got back and looked every where for his wife but rex the husband saw her on the floor with blood on her head and the wife’s name was tracy so she was gone and rex knew that his son jason did it so he got banned by use no more superpower so he got grounded for 3 years.        

Then this man came people and didn't know that he was a hero. so he flyed and he did not know that too.

so he knew he was a hero he did not know was he was going to call him he said wat about “fire man or super man so he choose super man

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

boat racing

boat racing.

1. How does Tim feel when Jason shouts at him?  How do you know?he is going to win

2. What resources did Tim have at school to make his boat?racing his boat

3. Why did he use a plastic milk bottle? so hes won can go fast

The bad boy that Robed the bank

The bad boy that Robed the bank
One dark day there was two boys who rob the bank they were bad the two boys there name was john and night became wanted boys.Then sateki came in his skyline  “sateki said come on yo” then the police came and sateki droved off with the bad boys in his skyline car. the police car was following sateki then suddenly the car tumbled over they tried to run but the police tasered the bad boys.sateki got away he took all the money he ran happy but then this big muscle man punched him and then he had the he spend it on food and a car and a house.then the bad boys were in jail. then they broke out of jail then they said see you be wanted boys the end.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My titanic who's fault

If i was there  on the titanic at the atlantic ocean where there is heaps of icebergs and i saw what was going to happen i would tell captain smith to wake up.
Because he would be sleeping while two men outside. Are looking for icebergs but then one of
the men could see  an iceberg and ms titanic was going so
fast  it even had 6100 horse power then i would be on the deck checking if the men called out to me for help

 and tell  captain smith to shut down the eng2ine. So it could slow down instead of turning  the boat and  be  Able to get a enormous hole  on the side  of Mr]s titanic.
And sink in the sea  but i think shutting it down. And the tip.
of the titanic hit the iceberg. And rebound from the iceberg or till the crew slow down the
titanic if there is a iceberg in the front of us and the nip the iceberg  instead of crashing into the iceberg.

It was a cold night with everyone on the titanic. A crew of passengers were so drunk and did bad things after a couple hours later we all heard a noise of  we were all scared about the ship sinking there were not many life boat to go on. The captain sateki was so worried that many families will die because of me “ oh no It was all my fault. some people was afraid to go on the lifeboat because they might die but if they stay on the titanic they will also die as well. So some gentlemen was carrying ladies & kids on life the boats.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Researching the Titanic

Question 1 information:
the titanic weighted 46,000

Question 2 information:

the height of the titanic 175 feet.

Question 3 information:
crew 3,500

Question 4 information:

20 boilers & 162

Question 5 information:
top speed 24 knots

Question 6 information:
it took 3,000 people to make the titanic

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

On the titanic

As the sun slowly came down  it was so dark it look like it was pitch black. When I was on the titanic.I was so cold I couldn't stand up and sleep it felt like I  was cold  blooded. I was freezing  because the titanic was at the Atlantic ocean . The titanic was going as fast as it could.It even had
6100 horse power.Then suddenly it was heading towards an iceberg.
Then captain smith woke up he turn off the engine for the titanic. It was slowing down.But
it had a hole on the side then the water went inside.From the iceberg

Then he zoomed to grab a firework and shot it like a gun in the air for help.
But no one did then captain smith said to his crew. To get  the females and the children
and the baby's on to  the lifeboats but some of them did not make it on the boats
the males had to stay and help them before they die.
Then the boat snap in half and went in the sea

then the titanic  was going fast like a rocket blaster then
suddenly it slammed in the sea it almost made a tsunami it stayed there for 100 years.But
the males sacrificed their shelf  for their wives.
It stayed their years and years. Then the submersibles came down to the titanic in the sea.
Then they look for some things. Then it was the end of the titanic
the end.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

scary story

Title: scary

On a monday there was a storm going to hit us. With black “clouds’’  and lightning.
Suddenly lightning struck and hitted a haunted house. Me and my friends went to check it out. All that we saw was a  creepy hallway.  We went in
Inside  we saw a cup on a table full with “horror.’’  Boom slammed the  door. Of the room one of my friend Night was  terrified. to death  but then wind was howling it was a  terrible Night.   

Then we saw a shadow it was enormous it was frightening? “slam’’ i  turned around
suddenly Night was gone “nooooooooooo’’  i was nervous scared and cold
i wanted to go to my mum at home but all of the doors slammed i trie\ the windows but it
was jammed there was bugs getting on me  it was grouse and smelly. Then we saw a witch leading us to her trap. Then my friend sateki came with his boxing hand and bit him.
Up but nek minute it was a fake ha ha ha hah shame on your face said Mr S.             TO BE CONTINUED

Friday, 9 May 2014

My holiday high light

In the holiday’s i was playing at the park with my friend’s.We were playing tag no one wanted to be in so i said i’ll be in. so i was running to my friend but they were two of them so i didn't know what one to get.So i got the one on the left he was fast at running so i gave up to get the other one.

after that we went to my house to play on my xbox 360 i had lots of games the games were black ops 2, gta5, call of duty ghost, mw2, mw3 and that was it it was fun playing the games we did all the games because they were all brand new.we played for an hour and a half and then we go kicked out side.

when we got kicked out side and i showed my friend’s my hurt that i made in the back was so fun it was up in the tree’s my friend’s were scerd i was a little bit and then i got use to it.

Night fraction

immersion Assembly

 immersion Assembly

At assembly there were heaps of balloon in the hall it was so colourful inside Mrs Bert looked like a clown which he was a clown. then it was term 1 they were jet planes they were flying around and around my favourite tem was tem 5 and 4 Mr s was so funny he made me giggled liked the quiz for a chocolate fish but i didn't get one.but it was all right an lest I got a rugby ball.

after assembly we went out side to do our run out side.It was for our fitness and the we all went back to class and did our work.Me and my friend Maurice where working together.and then we had to go reading saport when we got back we saw people watching the new’s.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

My cabin on a Titanic

This is my cabin for the titanic it is the most evanescence room it cost 600.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Swimming is one of my favorite sports or should I say one of my best sports. Mr S’s maths class always goes swimming every day. It’s extraordinary because we have instructors that teach us how to swim and be confident in the water. The first time that Mr S’s maths class went swimming we had to do A swimming test so they know which group to put us in. They put me in group three which is the highest swimming group. The next day we came we had to get our togs and go to the pool’s. When we got there I said to myself ‘’ahh it’s good to be back’’ So we had to rinse ourselves off and we hoped in the pool with joy. Our instructor said to us ‘’get A board each put your hands in the front and freestyle kicking all the way to the other side.’’As soon as we got there we were waiting for the other people to finish I was doing really cool back and ford flips. We had A short lesson of swimming so we got changed and left the pools in excitement.

The next day Class 8 went swimming again but on fridays after swimming we go TC which stands for Tamaki college. So we got our togs and went swimming but it was different because we had to bring our whole bag with our lunch so after we go swimming we eat our lunch and then we go and walk all the way down to Tamaki College But in the mean time we went swimming as usual so when we got there we had to get changed and have A shower it was amazing because I went in the freezing cold one. Then we hopped in the pool it was warm suddenly but i just couldn't put my finger on it May be it was the cold water that made me warm from my shower. Group three Is really interesting because Group one and two don't do the stuff that we do. I found out from my Mum that if you go swimming you use all your muscles in your body. Group three’s swimming is very complicated Because we swim the whole pool The other groups have to swim half way of the pool. After swimming we went Tamaki college to do some activities.   

After A long day of swimming finally we finished the day by going to TC and after we went to TC we went back to school and get our school bags ready to go back home and enjoy our Inspirational weekend.


Monday, 7 April 2014

Robot's Paths

This is what I made in class by myself.I hope you in joy it and leave a comment

My camp writing test

Start writing here:
on Wednesday morning it was the first day of camp we had to get into our team lines. the first activity was roller blading and table tennis when i was roller blading i ask Allah do you want to have a race but she said no but i still raced her then after that then we went under the big marquee to have morning tea when we got under the marquee i was eating and talking at the same time.then our next activity was  top town it was the care bears vs care takes a it was cool doing the slingshot but that was a good   much then care bears won.
after we went back again  under the marquee to have lunch then we went to the pool for a swim when we got there we had to have a shower then jump in the pool.

and then the next group came to have a swim we had to go back and have free time and i went into the hall to play basketball i was a captain i had to chose who to be in my team.After that when everybody was here we  were getting ready to watch a movie the movie was called despicable me 2 it was a fun movie but in the middle of the movie it cuted of.

the next day on thursday morning we heard “miss garden said come on in guys.’’ so we got up out of bed and went into the hall to do jamjam the dance was cool because it was just dance.then we went to go do our activity was kayaking it was fun.we had to set down and watch the instructor they told showed as how to do foot bum foot.      

Friend test

Friends care for each other they help for work they play on the park together.but if u guy a really best friend
you play handball.most friend like playing at each other house’s and invite them to have a sleepover because it is boring.
some friend do the wrong thing and the other friend copies them then they get in trouble and start blaming each other.then they stop being friends because they got in trouble.

friend should stick up for each other or if they are in a fight.And they will help you. but do you know if they are your mates well I can tell you if they are all not.Okay a real mate will help you up when you're down and he won’t watch you when you’re getting smashed

Thursday, 3 April 2014

My free blog writing

Last  weekend  Shaitan,Maurice and Junior. Went to Nights house to play black ops 2 zombies .Then we got suked in to a different world named black ops  we saw   zombies they looked liked ugly people at the back of us we grabbed  our ray gun  RPG to shoot the zombies heads off.It was scary after we met a surviver that was in a zombie war in 1944. Next we had to move to the next house because zombies tried breaking in to eat us.John the survivor thought that zombies but he got and eatin cause he was weak the end.

My new book

On Wednesday at school Our Amazing teacher Mr s gave our new fantastic books
my book is could paint ball blast  i like my book because it has cool pethers 
and it has good vocab in it.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Night Hansel and Gretel maps

Follow these directions to get from the cottage to the candy house.

1.Move 2 spaces East

2.Move 4 spaces  North

3.Move 3 spaces West

4.Move 2 spaces North

5.Move 6 spaces West

6.Move 1 space South

7.move 1 space West

8.Move 1  space North

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


 Hi students this is me   Night.This is What I made for my presentation so I hope you enjoy it

Thursday, 13 March 2014

School Camp

What I found out about camp I think it is really cool doing top town and table  tennis  . and I am really looking forward to the  pools tomorrow. I really want to go on to the slide's. Then we have to come back and have to pack our bags to get ready to go home.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Tiaki Taonga

This is a movie about me and my friend's teaching people to never leave anybody behind. Please leave a comment!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Investigating Reading

Hi every body my name is Night and i am going to show you my reading investigation.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Statistical Investigations

7 boys walk to school and 4 girls go too.

10 girls go on the car and 8 boys go.

4 girls go on the bus and no boys do.

3 boys ride to school and no girls do.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Butterfly Life Cycle

I am going to animate the life cycle of butterfly.Here is my story board.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Waka AMA

It was cool in the weekend because me and my family went to my brother's waka ama prise giving.When we got there I went bombing off the wolf with my to cool brother's called Anthony and Kane they where doing v bomb's. And I Just did a one legged bomb when I went deep into the water I swallowed the water and it tasted yack.And I just had a little swim around in the water after that my mum and dad said that we have to go so I dryad my self and jumped into the car and went home.When we got home my mum went to drop off my casein off at his house.As I was walking to the back of the house and I saw my friend so I stated to talk to him.After that I ask him if he wanted to come shop's with me to buy some ice block's for my brother's and sister's it  talk long for me to get back home.