Monday, 7 April 2014

My camp writing test

Start writing here:
on Wednesday morning it was the first day of camp we had to get into our team lines. the first activity was roller blading and table tennis when i was roller blading i ask Allah do you want to have a race but she said no but i still raced her then after that then we went under the big marquee to have morning tea when we got under the marquee i was eating and talking at the same time.then our next activity was  top town it was the care bears vs care takes a it was cool doing the slingshot but that was a good   much then care bears won.
after we went back again  under the marquee to have lunch then we went to the pool for a swim when we got there we had to have a shower then jump in the pool.

and then the next group came to have a swim we had to go back and have free time and i went into the hall to play basketball i was a captain i had to chose who to be in my team.After that when everybody was here we  were getting ready to watch a movie the movie was called despicable me 2 it was a fun movie but in the middle of the movie it cuted of.

the next day on thursday morning we heard “miss garden said come on in guys.’’ so we got up out of bed and went into the hall to do jamjam the dance was cool because it was just dance.then we went to go do our activity was kayaking it was fun.we had to set down and watch the instructor they told showed as how to do foot bum foot.      

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