Monday, 15 September 2014

New's paper article

                                 The under 50kg Pt england vsing St mary’s

Lead, Last wednesday Pt England beat St Mary’s by 65 nil.
The score was 65 to 0,the star player’s were Sataki, Olfa, Timana
The boy’s in our team that was getting try’s was night, louis, alfa, sateki, and

At first it was a game Pt England School versing St Mary’s Pt England won 65 nil. It Was half time everyone was eating the oranges fast because they hungry.

The first person that got the try out of there team  was Oloti ,second was Sataki ,third was Night. It was hard vsing them but then it got better.

Pt England felt happy. The coach Hamish  wasn’t happy he felt sad for St Mary’s because they lost against Pt England. When they got back on the bus we were hungry like pig’s.

Pt England’s next game will be this week wednesday it will be played at Auckland Marist rugby club. It will be a tournament.

WALT: use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports

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