Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Camp bentzon

                             y6’s camp

Tuesday morning we set off to a camp on Kawau Island. It took about 1 hour to get to the ferry. When we were close to the ferry we started to sing. When we got there we where playing on the park.Then we loaded up the ferry and then we were on our way.It took us 28 minutes to get there

When we got to camp bentson we unloaded the ferry.When we unloaded the ferry we had free time to play around.The day after that we did our activity. My first activity was confidence course. I was really looking forward to salling and abseiling because it looked fun.

Finally it was time to do salling it was pretty cool but sadly it wasn't that much wind.It was Me, Mr Goodwin, Miss berry, Shanon,
and Bentzon B. I almost capsized i had to go back to get out all the water when i went back a man called peter said “Wow it looks like a sonamy”in here so I had to take out the water.

My favorite highlight was abseiling.Because that was the high’s thing I ever been on. I would really like to do it again but some people were scared.

Then on thursday it was finally concert night Yay First it went Kats then kuwa then machen then finally the best for last it was Bentzon

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