Wednesday, 25 June 2014

black ops 2

In the weekend I was playing black ops 2 with my friend. The level was called origins there was 4 of us playing on line. After that the level got harder and harder the level I survived at it was a high round the round was 11.

And then we saw the random box that was full of guns but we couldn't get it because we did'ent turn on the power.after I saw a big robot coming to Wolds me it was trying to stand on me I look at the botem of the feet and I saw a light and I started to shooting at it and then I saw a hole in the foot and the robot stepped on me I got in side the robot.

the robot said a count down I had to choose a side to go in and I picked the one on the left.And the robot lurched me in the air and I hit the ground hard and died.THE END

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