Monday, 23 June 2014

Super hero

It began on a very bad party when all a sudden bad boyz came to it and one of the bad boyz kidnapped a girl. After a minute later captain underpants got a message so it was time for Rescue but mr underpants couldn’t catch the
kidnapper because he was on a skyline plus if captain underpants got near them the girl will die.So captain underpants  the kidnappers it was a holegram that was chaseing them so the all looked at the back when the looked at the back of them captinunderpantes Quikly got in the front fo the bad guys and lefted up the car and got the girl and killed the kidnappers.
It was a bad day on a night the hulk was coming to the city and everybody was scared that they might die so the Hulk arrived and he did not know he killed his mother and the and the husband got back and looked every where for his wife but rex the husband saw her on the floor with blood on her head and the wife’s name was tracy so she was gone and rex knew that his son jason did it so he got banned by use no more superpower so he got grounded for 3 years.        

Then this man came people and didn't know that he was a hero. so he flyed and he did not know that too.

so he knew he was a hero he did not know was he was going to call him he said wat about “fire man or super man so he choose super man

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