Thursday, 22 May 2014

scary story

Title: scary

On a monday there was a storm going to hit us. With black “clouds’’  and lightning.
Suddenly lightning struck and hitted a haunted house. Me and my friends went to check it out. All that we saw was a  creepy hallway.  We went in
Inside  we saw a cup on a table full with “horror.’’  Boom slammed the  door. Of the room one of my friend Night was  terrified. to death  but then wind was howling it was a  terrible Night.   

Then we saw a shadow it was enormous it was frightening? “slam’’ i  turned around
suddenly Night was gone “nooooooooooo’’  i was nervous scared and cold
i wanted to go to my mum at home but all of the doors slammed i trie\ the windows but it
was jammed there was bugs getting on me  it was grouse and smelly. Then we saw a witch leading us to her trap. Then my friend sateki came with his boxing hand and bit him.
Up but nek minute it was a fake ha ha ha hah shame on your face said Mr S.             TO BE CONTINUED

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