Friday, 9 May 2014

My holiday high light

In the holiday’s i was playing at the park with my friend’s.We were playing tag no one wanted to be in so i said i’ll be in. so i was running to my friend but they were two of them so i didn't know what one to get.So i got the one on the left he was fast at running so i gave up to get the other one.

after that we went to my house to play on my xbox 360 i had lots of games the games were black ops 2, gta5, call of duty ghost, mw2, mw3 and that was it it was fun playing the games we did all the games because they were all brand new.we played for an hour and a half and then we go kicked out side.

when we got kicked out side and i showed my friend’s my hurt that i made in the back was so fun it was up in the tree’s my friend’s were scerd i was a little bit and then i got use to it.

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