Wednesday, 28 May 2014

On the titanic

As the sun slowly came down  it was so dark it look like it was pitch black. When I was on the titanic.I was so cold I couldn't stand up and sleep it felt like I  was cold  blooded. I was freezing  because the titanic was at the Atlantic ocean . The titanic was going as fast as it could.It even had
6100 horse power.Then suddenly it was heading towards an iceberg.
Then captain smith woke up he turn off the engine for the titanic. It was slowing down.But
it had a hole on the side then the water went inside.From the iceberg

Then he zoomed to grab a firework and shot it like a gun in the air for help.
But no one did then captain smith said to his crew. To get  the females and the children
and the baby's on to  the lifeboats but some of them did not make it on the boats
the males had to stay and help them before they die.
Then the boat snap in half and went in the sea

then the titanic  was going fast like a rocket blaster then
suddenly it slammed in the sea it almost made a tsunami it stayed there for 100 years.But
the males sacrificed their shelf  for their wives.
It stayed their years and years. Then the submersibles came down to the titanic in the sea.
Then they look for some things. Then it was the end of the titanic
the end.

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